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Working principle of fully automatic extrusion blow molding machine

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Working principle of fully automatic extrusion hollow plastic blowing machine equipment

Understanding the principle of automatic extrusion hollow blowing machine is to better operate the hollow blowing machine equipment and produce more reliable plastic hollow blowing products. Automatic extrusion hollow blowing machine is one of the commonly used equipment in the production of plastic hollow products, can also be called hollow molding machine, blowing machine, plastic forming machinery, can produce plastic products with different process requirements. So, what is the basic working principle of automatic extrusion hollow blowing molding machine equipment? Plastic raw materials in the screw extruder melting and quantitative extrusion, the formation of plastic raw materials, type embryo hot into the open mold inside, type embryo quantitative extrusion, mold, mold, closed mold immediately in the embryo into the compressed air, using the machine blowing the wind, blowing gas into the mold, the type embryo blow attached to a certain shape of the mold cavity, type embryo expansion close mold wall forming, again after the air ring blow cooling release, clamp will take out the products, complete the processing of plastic hollow products production. The production principle of hollow blowing machine is "squeeze-blow" blowing molding. The equipped extruder generally adopts frequency conversion motor, which can meet the process requirements of different plastic hollow products. Meanwhile, the extruded plastic type billet is relatively stable and uniform, thus ensuring the stability of product weight. The extrusion equipment of the hollow blow molding machine forms the billet through the extrusion machine head, and the billet enters the mold blowing molding, that is, to complete a production cycle.

一排机器照片 50L广口桶生产

The process of hollow blowing machine

Quantitative automatic feeding-plasticizing raw materials-cylinder mold head heating insulation-start-extrusion, forming melting state of plastic embryo-type embryo into the mold-mold-, blowing needle-cutting knife cut off redundant embryo-mold-mold right-blowing needle down-blowing cooling molding-blowing needle micro smoke-pull-open mold-products out-automatic circulation if automatic extrusion hollow blowing machine equipment, from the equipment to complete production, the whole production process can be automated, the production site also only need 2-3 people.

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What products can be produced by using the principle of hollow blowing molding machine

Using hollow blowing machine principle can be used to production, bottle, pot, pot, bucket and small shape various multilayer blowing plastic hollow products, and large plastic hollow products, such as: plastic bucket, tray, desktop, mobile toilet, inside septic tank, solar energy, etc., especially suitable for PVC, PE, PC, PP, PS, PA raw materials such as hollow blowing plastic.

extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer

Deman Machinery Blowing molding machine manufacturers mainly produce large hollow blowing molding machine equipment, equipment production range in 200 liters-30,000 liters.1-8 layer. According to the actual product production demand can provide hollow blowing machine equipment customization scheme. Deman Machinery The equipment produced by manufacturer has a wide-range of production, low energy consumption, fast forming speed, high production efficiency, saving raw materials, low production operation cost, stable quality; low failure rate and saving equipment maintenance cost; in addition to the production plan in the early stage, Deman Machinery also provides equipment installation and debugging, technical operation training and equipment

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