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IBC Configuration Revolution: Adapting to Your Unique Needs

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IBCS are similar in appearance to regular cube containers, but are made of stronger materials that can withstand higher pressures and weights. The main body of IBC is composed of shell, bracket, valves, connectors and other accessories. The enclosure is usually made of plastic such as high-density polyethylene to prevent fluid leakage and damage to the item during transport. Let's take a look at the decomposition of the various components of the IBC tote barrel:

1. The steel rod fixed by special screws can easily and quickly replace the inner container;

2. The high-density polyethylene of the inner container IBC in our factory is blow-molded by a large-scale hollow molding machine, which is anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, easy to clean, and non-toxic;

3. The outer frame is welded and formed by hot-dip galvanized steel pipe 5. The bottom tray is fixed by non-slip screws (grade 8.8), which is strong, durable and corrosion-resistant;

4. The product marking board outside the frame can mark the company name, product and other instructions that need to be marked, so that customers can fully understand your company's information;

5. The bottom tray is stamped and formed with high-quality galvanized sheet, which is a four-way fork type. Excellent stability and convenient loading and unloading and stacking;

6. The volume scale is cast on the inner tank, and the user can clearly see the full height of the liquid in the container by taking advantage of the transparency of the container;

7. The upper filling port is equipped with an external interface 150mm blind cover or a breathable cover, and the lower discharge port is equipped with an external interface 75mm, a diameter of 50mm ball valves, disc valves or an external interface of 100mm diameter 80mm disc valves (according to the compatibility between the content and the sealing material Reasonable selection of valve sealing materials: EPDM, fluorine rubber gasket) can discharge materials safely, quickly and thoroughly.

IBC Configuration

IBC is combination of HDPE tank and steel parts, also needs other injection plastic parts. Let’s show you for details:

Above picture shows 8 parts: cover + top bar + HDPE tank + plate + cage+ valve + bottom pallet + protection plastic foot. But during production, needs actually follows spare part:

IBC Configuration IBC Plastic Configuration

Totally 18 parts: IBC pressing steel part, IBC pipes, IBC plastic covers, valves...

The very important is IBC tank by blowing, the thickness average will decide the strength and life of tank directly.

The IBC full automatic line will involve all above material, it is suitable for chemical factory, for plastic tank maker company etc.

In the world of industrial solutions, adaptability is paramount. Our journey through the realm of IBC tank configurations highlights the power of customization. At DEMAN MACHINERY, we're committed to revolutionizing your operations, tailoring solutions that transcend expectations.

Discover the possibilities with our customizable IBC tank configurations. Contact us today and join the revolution. Your success story awaits.

IBC Configuration Revolution: Your Needs, Your Solution.

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