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What is the IBC blow molding machine cost?

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In the realm of packaging solutions, the evolution from single-layer to advanced six-layer IBC blow molding technology has been revolutionary. With prices ranging from USD 280,000 to USD 568,000, the transition to automatic IBC tank blowing mold machines has redefined industry standards by seamlessly blending high-performance capabilities with remarkable cost efficiency. 

Cost-Efficiency Redefined:
Automatic IBC blowing mold machines introduce a new era of cost dynamics. Engineered to save up to 500 kWh within 24 hours, these machines revolutionize energy consumption in IBC blow molding processes. Their versatility in handling various materials eliminates material selectivity concerns, ensuring an impressive 99.9% product yield. Moreover, the machines facilitate rapid color transitions, minimizing downtime and maximizing production output. Reliability remains paramount, guaranteeing stable operations and minimal disruptions. Additionally, a user-friendly mold loading and unloading mechanism enhances operational efficiency, contributing to substantial cost savings.

Meticulously Engineered Components:


1.Extrusion System

Screw and Barrel: Specially designed screws constructed with durable 38CrMoAlA material, incorporating 20% calcium carbonate without compromising brittleness.

Drive Mechanism: Frequency-controlled speed and hardened gearboxes ensure precise and efficient operation.

Temperature and Cooling Control: Modular temperature control with water cooling at the feeding section and automatic air cooling for other sections.



2.Die Head System

Material Distribution: A single-cylinder, center-fed, and vertically structured die head system ensures smooth material flow, forming two peach-shaped cross-sections.

   Temperature Control: Modular temperature control enables consistent and precise molding.


blow mould platen for IBC machine 3. Clamping Device

Fixed clamping mechanism with ample mold space, simplified mold fixing, and linear roller guide rails for easy disassembly.

Clamping Force: 2000KN

Tie Bar: Equipped with two tie bars for enhanced stability.

Platen Size: 1600*1600 mm, accommodating various mold sizes.

Platen Opening Stroke: Adjustable range of 1200-2600 mm, allowing flexibility for different mold configurations.

Max Mould Size: Up to 1500*1500 mm, enabling versatility in molding applications.

IBC machine blow pin

4.Bottom Blow Device

Customizable functionalities for IBC top-down blowing, material support, and sealing capabilities to boost production efficiency.

Blow pins for IBC blow molding machine are designed to match the specific shape and dimensions of the mold cavity. They can vary in length, diameter, and shape depending on the desired product.

Blow pins often feature cooling channels or hollow sections through which chilled water or air can flow. This cooling mechanism helps solidify the plastic quickly after the inflation stage, allowing for faster cycle times and maintaining dimensional stability.


Hydraulic System

5.Hydraulic System

Integrated servo system controls imported hydraulic valves and gear pumps, ensuring smooth operations, accuracy, extended lifespan, and responsiveness.

Dual closed-loop design for position and speed control, utilizing an imported 300-point wall thickness controller for precision.


electric box

Electrical Control System

phItalian GEFRN industrial computer for comprehensive machine control.

10.4" imported touchscreen for seamless communication, parameter setting, and error diagnosis.

Imported inverters for extrusion motor control, offering energy efficiency, quiet operation, and stable screw output speeds.

Imported 300-point wall thickness control system for uniform wall thickness and excellent stability.


Advanced IBC blow molding technology integrates cost-efficient components and advanced functionalities to optimize cost-efficiency without compromising quality. With streamlined operations and enhanced productivity, these machines redefine the landscape of IBC blow molding processes. Embrace the transformative capabilities of automatic IBC blowing mold machines to unlock unparalleled cost savings and superior outcomes in your packaging solutions.

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