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IBC tank production,1000L extrusion blow molding machine

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IBC drum is a medium-sized bulk container, one of the necessary tools for the transportation of liquid products in modern storage. IBC drum is mainly a hollow blow molding process, through the extruder of raw materials plasticized billet placed in the mold to blow into products, and then cooled, take out the products.

The main raw materials of IBC barrel are PP, ABS, PC, etc., and its products are mainly used in various industrial products such as packaging barrels of chemical products, automobile fuel tanks, automobile ventilation pipe fittings, tabletop board, etc.

IBC Tank Frame

Extrusion blow molding machine adopts foam layer technology for production, the inner wall of the output equipment is more stable, which can extend the service life of the product. At the same time, the die head of blow molding machine adopts electromagnetic induction heater to fully heat and shorten the heating time, which can reduce the energy consumption by more than half and improve the surface temperature of blow molding equipment.

The main raw material used in IBC drums is 4570UV high density polyethylene (HDPE) or 644 low density polyethylene, which is an odorless, odorless, non-toxic granular product. It has good heat and cold resistance, good hardness, tensile strength, electrical insulation and toughness, and good chemical stability. At room temperature, IBC barrel is almost insoluble in any organic solvents, resistant to corrosion of various acid, alkali and salt solutions, and has excellent environmental stress cracking and thermal stress cracking resistance, high surface hardness and good dimensional stability. The steel used in the frame is processed by automatic pipe bending equipment, and the frame and pallet are designed with specific patents. Reasonable structure, good reliability, anti accidental drop and heavy container stacking performance, can meet the requirements of dangerous chemicals. The container is equipped with adjustable ball valve for convenient and reliable drainage.

IBC tank blow molding (5)

The body material of IBC barrel is HDPE, the ball is PP, and the chemical compatibility is good. The valve seal is EPDM, other materials such as ETFE, polyethylene and nitrile butadiene rubber are also available. Valve outlet thread is standard thread S606, and adaptor is provided for customer choice.

IBC bucket Features:

1. It's safer. Security has become a feature of IBC buckets, both in product design and production. IBC plastic containers with HDPE(high density polyethylene) as inner liner and rigid frame have higher strength, better chemical resistance, and can contain liquids with specific gravity up to 2.2. They are widely used for packaging, transportation and storage of Class II and Class III dangerous chemicals.

2. It's more economical. The cost reduction is not only reflected in the reduction of product price, but also reflected in the whole packaging process of manpower and material savings. Whether in stacking space (35 percent less space), loading and unloading (forklifts are easy to load and unload, greatly reducing the hassle of manual handling), shipping (sizes designed for container transportation, especially suitable for all kinds of container transportation), and use (up to three years of service life, reusable), IBC drums greatly reduce costs and are your affordable packaging choice.

3. Be greener. Good chemical resistance and long service life make IBC drums reusable and all components recyclable. A variety of optional parts greatly increase the personality of the container bucket to meet the changing requirements of the customer. Professional production process control ensures professional product quality and strict production process. The UN Certificate, ship inspection certificate and food hygiene Permit provide professional transport security for IBC drums.

IBC tank blow molding (3)

IBC tank Filling precautions

I. Check whether the bottom valve of IBC tank is leaking before filling.

II. Before filling, IBC tank needs to be grounded by static electricity. Since the outside of IBC tank cannot be directly connected with the antistatic facilities, our company needs to take the following protective measures before filling:

1. Set one end of a slender stainless steel pipe to be inserted into the bottom of IBC tank from the feeding port. The whole pipe shall be wound with copper wire to enhance the release of static electricity;

2. The external pipeline of IBC tank shall be connected with the electrostatic grounding instrument with alarm system;

3. The external iron frame of IBC tank also needs to be connected with the electrostatic grounding instrument with the alarm system;

III. Nitrogen sealing is carried out at the mouth of IBC tank with fine copper pipe in nitrogen cylinder;

IV. When filling, water should be sprayed and cooled around the IBC tank;

V. In the high temperature season, it should be filled in the morning and evening. If the barrel is found to be hot (with heat) before filling, it should be covered with the lid and watered to cool down before filling.

VI.When filling, pay attention to the control of flow rate, flow rate should not be too fast, slow filling.

VII. When filling, cover the feeding port of IBC tank with a piece of heat-proof, fire-proof and anti-static asbestos cloth to reduce the gas produced by the material volatilization during filling.

IBC tank blow molding (6)

DEMAN Plastic machine mainly engaged in the production of automatic hollow blow molding machine, can produce 0-1000L capacity, layer number 1-6 layer blow molding products.

Hollow blow molding machine equipment can be used to produce warning column, plastic bucket, barricade, septic tank, kayak, double ring bucket, tray, solar liner, portable toilet, tabletop board, floating bucket, medical head, IBC bucket and other plastic products.

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