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Deman Machinery, the professional supplier of blow moulding only!

Extrusion blow moulding has went into our everday life, and the role of it has become not replaceable. The blow moulding technology, is driving the blow moulding industry to be going ahead, and take us into a new blow moulding ear, which highlights more automatical, integrative and cooperative in multi-field.

At this new starting point, Deman people are acting a role of propellent, and taking up our uniform mission: surveying the market orientation and industry direction, attaching great importance into R&D and the quality, caring the custoers’specific requests, adopting new technology to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

We lay store by the precise controlling system, stabile mechanical actions, utilitarian equipments, standardized spare parts, and energy saving to cut down customers’cost。From dealing with the trivialness of customers’production, to providing integrated solutions, we are accumulating the experience all the time, and we are willing to share our fruits with our customers.

The design and solutions for whole engineering

There is no lonely machine, but a integrated system. Right! We focus our eyes on the blow moulding engineering as a whole, rather than as simple as supplying a blow moulding machine only.

Extrusion blow moulding equipment, maybe it is the ending of a production chain, but most possibily, it’s the beginning of a whole processing flow. From the basic supports of compressed air and cold water, to product designing and mould providing; from the material autoloading system, to crushing and recycling the material wasted; from feeding proportionally to lebeling, leakage testing, bottle collection and packing, even considering the requests of filling, we can provide for you the special integrated solutions.

More than that, we also can design and make the related machines and tools according to the special post-processing requests of your products, matching up your whole process steps to saving human resources. The design and solutions for whole engineering, make your production more efficiency.

Customized Mould

The mould, for a product is as important as its gene. A set of highqaulity mould, will achieve your product with vivid appearance, exact volume, efficient productivity and easier postprocessing. On the platform of extrusion blow moulding machine, excellent moulds help to give free rein to the machinesadvantages, and display the original design perfectly.

We can provide you such moulds. From the beginning of the practicality and aesthetics of your product design, we can provide youmore preoder services, measuring your samples precisely and make the 3D drawing, bringing forward our reasonable suggestions, even modifying the details according to your requests. The sound design of cooling water runner,helps to shorten the product cooling time; entire 3D CNC insure the container volume for filling; special mould and cutter material, helps to increase the mould life to cut down your cost; autodeflashing devoices simplify the processing works; the mould specification matched with your machine, avoids more trouble and time consumption when you install and dismentle it.


Machines need insurance same as human.
The guarantee and insurrance to the machine, is what the customers care most and what we attach importance to.
The entire guarantee system, could lengthen the machine life substantially and reduce the machinery investment
shared by the products, making your product competetive. We have establish a suit of entire organization:
★ Strick quality control in production, insuring the machines’reliability;
★ One year guarantee time and spare parts provided as a present, insuring the normal running and production;
★ The training to your operators before delivery, avoiding the mistake possibility due to wrong operation;
★ The engineers dispatched to install and adjust the machine in your factory, laying the good beginning for your production;
★ Standardized conponents to make sure you can find the replaced ones easier and economically;
★ Enough spare parts stored to make sure we can send you replaced parts without delay;
★ The free technical supports and consultant services all the life.


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