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Why expel air from blow molded products?

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When the blow molding machine works, the liquid plastic is ejected and then the wind blown by the machine will blow the plastic body to a certain shape cavity, making products of different shapes. The gas in blow molding products must be discharged. This article is made up to take you to understand those things about the gas discharge of blow molding products.

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In the manufacture of containers with the same volume of solvent, the amount of gas discharged from the blow mold is much larger than that of the injection molding mold, so the volume of gas discharged from the blow molding mold is equal to the amount of melt injected into the mold cavity. For the blow mold, the volume of air to be discharged is equal to the cavity solvent minus the complete film moment, the volume of the blank has been blown, or there will be some air clamped in the blank between the cavity.

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Exhaust the air in blow - molded products, can effectively prevent food spoilage. The plastic bottle blowing machine uses excellent barrier packaging materials and strict sealing technology and requirements, can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging contents, can avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, but also can prevent secondary pollution, exhaust the gas of plastic blow products, to avoid the gas expansion brought by the rupture of the packaging container.

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