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What's the feature of extrusion blow molding machine?

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As one of the commonly used plastic manufacturing equipment, what are the features of extrusion blow molding machine? Let us explain it.

Each heating area of the extrusion blow molding machine is provided with an independent subsection temperature control, and the orientation and interval of the lamp tube and reflector in the heating area can be adjusted according to the different shapes and sizes of the bottle embryo, so as to achieve the ideal heating effect.

blow molding machine screw

The heating of the bottle embryo is controlled by the infrared lamp in the method of constant pressure temperature regulation to ensure the appropriate amount, accuracy and stability of the bottle embryo heating, which is not affected by the change of input voltage.

At the same time, the extrusion blow molding machine can be equipped with different parts according to different product needs, such as the planning of double cavity double stretch cylinder, three cavity three stretch cylinder, four cavity four stretch cylinder or six cavity six stretch cylinder. The function can adjust the single cavity single stretch cylinder alone to get used to the different needs of the adjustment machine or mold test.

clamping system

In the mold replacement, extrusion blow molding equipment is also more convenient, the allowable container range pinch, without adjusting the thickness of the mold.

Hollow accident production process also uses automatic control system, operation procedure one set, save a lot of manual operation costs.

The characteristics of extrusion blow molding machine are introduced here first. I hope the article will be helpful for you.

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