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What are the common plastic hollow blow molding products

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Nowadays, plastic hollow blow molding machines are used more and more widely. Many common plastic hollow blow molding products in our life are produced by blow molding technology. Today, we are going to tell you about some common plastic hollow blow molding products.

Let's first understand the processing technology of these common plastic hollow blow molding products.

The processing principle of plastic hollow blow molding products is to heat and melt granular plastic raw materials to form tubular plastic parisons, extrude them into the mold, and blow in air to make them expand and form against the inner wall of the mold. After a period of molding and cooling, the parison is called the corresponding blow molding product.

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Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Next, let's take a look at what blow molding products can be produced by the blow molding process, that is, what are our common plastic hollow blow molding products.

Transportation facilities blow molding products

These plastic products are usually hollow and are extruded to create cones, contours, barricades and barrels. Each of these traffic safety products helps direct traffic or prevent traffic from entering different lanes. For example, roadblocks, water horses, road cones, bumper barrels, etc.


Automotive Pipe Blow Molding Products

Blow molded product parts for automobiles and transport vehicles can be customized to customer specifications. HVAC piping can be customized including canopy, fascia, floor, seating, console and SWD piping.

Fuel tank blow molding products

The engine design required the fuel tank to fit within the space while maintaining tight tolerances. Blow molding is an economical and versatile way of manufacturing such tanks.

Industrial Container Blow Molding Products

Industrial containers are mainly water tanks used to store industrial liquid materials, for example, air tanks, buckets, IBC, rain tanks, double ring drums, trays, lids, etc. Each blow molding machine is independently designed, and the machine can be customized according to customer needs, and the machine that can produce multi-layer blow molding products can also be designed.


Extrusion Blow Molding Machine for Drum

Marine Blow Molding Products

The buoy is a new type of blow molding product, made of tough polymer polyethylene and other materials, with good impact resistance, anti-ultraviolet, anti-freeze, and anti-erosion. It can automatically rise and fall with the tide. It is widely used in the construction of floating platform projects such as pontoon bridges and floating docks. Beyond that, there are kayaks and floating solar.

Stadium seating and chairs

Plastic seating is a ubiquitous tool that people use in stadiums, auditoriums, and many other places. Each of these larger venues requires tens of thousands of seats that are comfortable, durable, and retain their vibrant colors even after years in the sun. Many sports facilities rely on blow molding to produce such high-volume products.

Seat Blow Molding Machine

Toys and Sporting Goods

Most of the toys and sporting goods we usually use are also a kind of blow molding products. They are mostly made of hard plastic. Children's toys include hollow items such as balls, fruit-shaped toys, and blown tires for toys. And game props like houses, kitchens and toy cars need to be fun, safe and stylish. Blow molded products can be produced in virtually any color or shape - ideal for all types of play structures.

Plastic container

The bottles and jars we usually use are basically blow molding products. For example: beverage bottles, medicine bottles, food cans, etc. Because of its durability, it is widely used by people.

There are many types of hollow blow molding production equipment, and there are many common plastic hollow blow molding products. It is distributed in almost every aspect of our life, but the production types and output are different. You can consult the manufacturer for the specific situation, and the manufacturer will introduce the suitable blow molding machine to you in detail according to your production needs.

Hollow extrusion blow molding machine manufacturers can formulate different equipment plans according to different customer needs, so that hollow blow molding machines can produce high-quality plastic hollow blow molding products on the basis of ensuring efficiency. We have known more plastic hollow blow molding products. These plastic hollow blow molding products will also have various problems during production. If you are also interested in the solutions to the problems of plastic blow molding products, please follow us.

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