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What are the applications of plastic blow molding products in the food industry?

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Blow molding products are widely used in the food industry. This article will take you to understand the word blow molding products. What are the applications in the food industry?


For food and beverages, glass bottles, although permanent impermeable containers, are not subject to the restrictions of 84 disinfectant and sterile disinfectant. However, the co-extrusion blow molded multilayer bottle is not easy to break, extrusion, light weight, has better permeability resistance; Moreover, it can freely design multi-layer structures with different capacities, specifications and complex shapes, and the combination and thickness of each layer can also be independently determined. It is an ideal food and beverage packaging products. It can be used as ketchup, rapeseed oil, jam, milk, orange juice, carbonated drinks, beer and other packaging.

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Multi-layer co-extruded bottle products, there are three layers of combination, five layers of combination, six layers of combination to general materials of six layers of combination plastic bottles. With EVOH or PA as the impermeable layer of three layer group bottles, the material is very small humidity sensitivity, can be used for food packaging. PE/PET/PC three-layer combination bottle, with transparency, high permeability, excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties, and do not use adhesive materials, has attracted wide attention.

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The main function of blow plastic products applied in the food industry is to ensure the preservation of various products, avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, and avoid secondary pollution.

The extrusion blow molding machine can also apply for chemical industry,agriculture industry,child toys and so on.If you have interest,please follow us for more information.

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