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Top 5 Advantages of Choosing Our Extrusion Blow Molding Machines for Plastic Production

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If you're in the business of plastic production, you know how important it is to have high-quality and stable equipment after machine begin to run. That's also what we want.Here are the top 5 advantages of choosing our extrusion blow molding machines for plastic production:

blow molding machine big

1.Advanced Technology

Deman Machinery,our technicians have more than 20 years of production experience.During these years, we constantly update and improve the production technology. By configuring servo motors, we can increase the production capacity of plastic products and reduce energy consumption by 30% to 40%.By updating the MOOG wall thickness controller, the wall thickness of plastic products is more uniform.According to the different requirements of customers customized plastic mold, to ensure the appearance of plastic products more smooth and beautiful.If you want to know more about our machine technical content update, please feel free to contact us.



Our extrusion blow molding machines are versatile, and widely used in the production of different hollow plastic products,such as 20L stacking drum,100L top open container,9 feet pallet,child slide,pontoon,1000L IBC tank and so on.  From simple bottles to complex shapes,we can customize the corresponding plastic mould according to the products you need. The mould material is usually steel or aluminum, mould can be customized 1 cavity,2 cavity,4 cavity,6 cavity.Before confirming the production, we will confirm the mold drawing repeatedly by the customer to ensure the correct production according to the customer's needs.In addition, we can also customize your other needs.


To take a simple example, our extrusion blow molding machine, which our customer bought more than 10 years ago, is still in service.In China, we rely on word of mouth to open the market.So we understand that plastic production is a demanding industry, which is why we build our machines to last. Our extrusion blow molding machines are made with high-quality materials and are built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Our extrusion blow molding machine will be tested several times before shipping, to ensure that the machine can be normally produced in the hands of customers. In addition, we will be equipped with detailed operating instructions and video to reduce customer's operating errors, ensure that the machine can continue to run for years.

IBC machine


As we all know, in the blow molding machine industry, there is a famous brand blow molding machine Kautex ,Bekum,Magic etc with good quality ,but high price.We believe that high-quality equipment shouldn't come at a high cost. That's why we offer affordable extrusion blow molding machines that satisfy our customers. Our machines are designed to minimize waste and optimize production efficiency, help you save money on materials and labor costs.We also can help our customers from A to Z,help customers build an economical production line.

5.Excellent Customer Service

(1)We provide one-to-one customer service to solve customer questions in a timely manner.

(2)Choosing the suitable machine: According to the customer’s plastic product and requirement o f capacity, we will recommend the suitable machine. And we also could recommend the related auxiliary machines to get a whole production line.

(3)Warranty time: our warranty time is 12months after the delivery. During this period, any quality problem of our blow molding machine, we will send the replacement parts by DHL freely. If the buyer meet any technical problems, we will provide the support through remote control.

(4)Training: we should provide the training for the buyer’s employee for free in buyer’s factory. Or the buyer let his employee come our factory learn with our engineer.

(5)Installation and test: when the machine reaches the buyer’s factory, the buyer could tell us, we will dispatch an engineer to the buyer’s factory to help install and test the machine until it runs normally.

(6)Delivery and Packing:

1) The machine body is covered by waterproof film firstly, and then fixed on exported wooden pallets with bolts and wires.

2) The electric controlling parts and spare parts are loaded separately in wooden box.

3) The auxiliary machines are packaged in wooden box as well.

4) All wooden material is fumigation certificated and safe for exporting to all over the world.  

hdpe drum mould

We understand that investing in new production line can be a big decision by you, which is why we're committed to working with you step by step. From initial consultation to installation, our team is here to support you and satisfy our customers.

Choosing our extrusion blow molding machines for plastic production offers a wide range of advantages. From advanced technology and versatility to durability, cost-effectiveness, and excellent customer service, our machines are designed to supply you good results for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your plastic production to the next level.

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