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The mold of large hollow blow molding machine

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Speaking of blow molds, we must be very familiar with them! It is very common in daily life, but we may have a strangeness to the mold of the large hollow extrusion blow molding machine.

For example, the mold of a large hdpe blow molding machine, much like a sandwich pan. We pour the raw material into the mold, clamp it with the other half of the mold (but the two halves of the blow molding machine are separate) and heat it. According to the mold, the shape of the finished product is determined. The use method of sandwich sandwich pan is used as an example to make it better understood that both can modify the shape of the finished product.

But compared with the two, the blow molding machine mold is much more complex, so today we will understand the large hollow blow molding machine mold!

kayak mould

Plastic kayaking mould

  1. Mold function of large hollow blow molding machine

The softened hot plastic mold is put into the mold, and the compressed air is injected into the mold. The pressure of the air makes the mold blow and stick to the inner wall of the mold, so as to form various hollow products. When remanufacturing products, try to design a variety of specifications and types of products together, and produce a variety of products through the assembly of molds to reduce the amount of investment in large molds.

2. Mold size of large hollow blow molding machine

The size of the mold cavity is mainly determined by the size of the product shrinkage rate, blow molding product size volume, wall thickness and geometry are related to the use of materials.

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