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Plastic manikin blow molding machine Deman machinery

Views: 0     Author: Deman Machinery     Publish Time: 2023-02-13      Origin: Deman Machinery

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Plastic Mannequin Production

    The technology of plastic products production has improved rapidly, and many products are produced by plastic machinery instead of traditional method. In this article, we would like to introduce the production of plastic mannequins.

body manikin blow molding machine

Plastic mannequins are produced by extrusion blow molding machine or injection machine. Hollow mannequins are made by extrusion blow molding machine. The mannequin has many types, like complete body mannequin, half top body mannequin, complete body mannequin without the arm. Like complete body, it needs to produce the body, arm, base separately, then assemble them to get a complete one.


In order to get a high-end model, a layer of cloth will be wrapped outside the plastic, the arms will adopt wood material, and the head will be made of metal to improve the overall texture.

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