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Inside the IBC Tote: A Breakdown of the Components

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Inside the IBC Tote: A Breakdown of the Components

IBC tanks commonly known as ton-packed plastic container barrels, are standard names for intermediate bulk containers. Its composition structure is divided into liner and frame. IBC containers can be reused many times, and the advantages reflected in filling, storage and transportation can significantly reduce costs. Compared with drums, IBC container can save 35% storage space. Its dimensions are in accordance with ISO standards, and are based on the principle of easy handling. Static empty drums can be stacked four high and transported in any conventional way.

IBC tank parts

The outer frame is formed by welding hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, and the bottom tray is fixed by non-slip screws (grade 8.8), which is strong, durable and corrosion-resistant.

IBC tank frame

Deman can customize the IBC ton frame automatic production line according to customer needs. The whole production line is composed of welding, bending forming, locking, stamping and punching, etc., with high production efficiency, high yield and labor saving.

The inner container is blow-molded with large hollow HDPE, which is anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, easy to clean and non-toxic. Currently we have more than 50 factories in China using our DEMAN 1000L ibc tank blow molding machine.

ibc tank blow molding machine

The volume scale is cast on the inner tank, and the user can clearly see the full height of the liquid in the container by taking advantage of the transparent characteristics of the container.

HDPE inner ibc tank

The upper filling port is equipped with a blind cap or a DN150 breather valve screw cap, and the lower discharge port is equipped with a DN50 ball valve (imported rubber for the seal), which can safely, quickly and thoroughly discharge materials. There are many other styles of valves, which can be selected according to your needs.

The top is designed with a Φ150mm filling port, and the cap can be equipped with a blind cap or a breathing cap. The breathing cap can avoid the situation of exceeding a certain pressure caused by the decomposition or evaporation of the liquid medium contained.Usually the lid of the IBC tank has ordinary cover,breathable cover,airtight cover.

ibc tank cap and valve

Technical Parameters:

*. Dimensions: 1200*1000*1150mm

*. Volume: 1058L, maximum filling density 1.9

*.Minimum wall thickness: ≥1.5mm

*. Net weight: 59KG±1KG

*. Drop test height: 1.9m

*. Hydraulic test pressure: 100kpa

*. Leakage test pressure: 20kpa

IBC tank has good heat resistance and cold resistance, hardness, tensile strength, electrical insulation performance and toughness, and has good chemical stability. It is almost insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature and resistant to various acids, Alkali and salt solution corrosion, also has excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking and thermal stress cracking performance, high surface hardness, good dimensional stability.

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