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How to solve the problem of blow mould?

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There are always various problems in the production process of blow molding machines, such as insufficient blow molds. How can we solve some deficiencies? We have prepared it for everyone in this article, let's take a look.

1. What should I do if the mold cannot be blown?

Check the pressure of the extrusion blow molding machine in time. The normal air pressure is generally about 2.0-3.0MPA. If the pressure is normal, check whether the exhaust structure of the mold is opened properly, and then adjust the temperature to a suitable point.

2. What to do if the blown mold turns white

The mold is whitish. If the tube billet turns white when it is baked, then lower the temperature or speed up the rotation speed. If the tube is not whitish after drying but the blown bottle is whitish, it means that the temperature is low, please increase the temperature or reduce the speed.

3. What to do if one side of the mold is thick and the other side is thin

This kind of problem occurs because the bottom of the blow molded product is not in the center position, and it can be solved by adjusting the stretch rod to the center position of the bottom of the mold and adding delayed blowing.

4. What should I do if there are extra edges at the bottom after the mold is blown?

This situation is mainly due to the low temperature at the bottom of the bottle and the high temperature at the mouth of the bottle. Please lower the temperature at the mouth of the bottle and increase the temperature at the bottom of the bottle, or appropriately reduce the delayed blowing time.

The above are some common mold blowing problems, I hope our article will be helpful to everyone.

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