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How to imporve the quality of blow mould products?

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What are the methods to improve the quality of blow molding products? Blowing molding equipment is very important for industrial production, a large number of plastic products are blown molding manufacturing, the more common blowing molding method has extrusion molding, the production process inevitably produces the poor quality of products, so how to improve the quality of blowing molding products.

1. Blow pressure

Blowing pressure can make the semi-molten pipe billet blowing out and close to the mold cavity wall, forming the required shape, and can also cool the blow molding products. General large volume of the swelling pressure is too large or too small is not conducive to production, choose the shape pattern of the appropriate pressure products is more clear.

clamping system

2. Blow rate

In order to reduce the blowing time and quickly obtain the blowing plastic products, a lot of air should be injected in a short time to ensure that the mold cavity can expand evenly and quickly, and shorten the cooling time in the mold cavity.


3. Temperature of blow mould

The temperature of the mold has a great impact on the appearance of the blown plastic products. Generally, the temperature of the mold should be cooled as evenly as possible. The temperature of the mold is related to the type of plastic, the thickness and size of the products. For the different types of plastic

The mold temperature is too high, the cooling time is prolonged, the production cycle increases, and the productivity decreases. If the cooling is not enough, it will also cause the product to demold the deformation, the shrinkage rate increases, and the surface luster becomes worse. Generally, the mold temperature should be higher; while for the plastics with more flexible molecular chain, the mold temperature should be lower.

The above is to improve the quality of blowing molding, I hope our article is helpful to help you.

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