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How to heat the screw barrel

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Holder heating is an important step in the production and processing process of hollow blowing machine, hollow blowing machine heating screw is to better molding production raw materials, so as to ensure the quality of reliable blowing products. So, hollow blowing machine like a song heating screw? Today, DEMAN machinery will share with you two kinds of hollow blowing machine heating screw method.

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Resistance heating method

Common resistance heaters are magnesium and aluminum sets. Magnesium aluminum sleeve type heater is the resistance wire in the metal pipe, while adding magnesium oxide powder, the filled metal pipe into the aluminum pipe. This magnesium aluminum sleeve type of resistance heater, inside the magnesium oxide powder can be very good insulation, not only has a good sealing property, but also the oxidation resistance performance is also very good. The aluminum alloy sleeve of the outer layer and the screw have large contact area, the heat conductivity is better.

Electromagnetic induction heating method

The structure of the electromagnetic induction heater is equipped with a coil outside the screw, the coil is equipped with magnetic conductive silicon steel sheet, when the outside coil into the alternating current, the silicon steel sheet and the screw form a closed magnetic road, the screw produces a current, the screw has a certain resistance value to generate heat. Resistance heating and electromagnetic induction heating are widely used in the hollow blowing machine heater, these two methods each have their own advantages, but DEMAN machinery suggests that you choose the hollow blowing machine equipped with electromagnetic induction heater.

Because electromagnetic induction heaters require shorter heating time, better heating effect, and more accurate temperature control than traditional resistance heaters. It is important to choose the correct screw heating method, but also to correctly set the heating temperature of the hollow blowing molding machine, in order to further ensure the quality of blowing molding products. On the hollow blowing machine how to heat the screw cylinder method to share here, in the article also to give you to extend some knowledge about the hollow blowing machine heater.

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