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How to do when the material stucked in blow molding process?

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How to deal with the stuck material in the production process of blow molding machine? Today, it is still a common problem in the production of blow molding machine. If the feed plate is stuck in the process of blow molding, how to deal with it correctly? Follow us to solve it.

Blow molding opportunity to chuck problem is very headache, this situation may occur because the length of the billet of the blow molding machine is relatively long, the weight is relatively large, it will cause this problem, the need to control the discharge reduction.

Another possibility is that the filling level of the extrusion blow molding machine is not working. In this case, we need to check whether the material is still stored in the hopper. If there is no material, we need to add the material immediately.

160L blow molding screw

If this is not the case, check whether the control contactor of the progressive machine has electricity. If it is the case that the hollow blow molding machine has electricity, please check whether the motor is in power and load. The reason is that there is a great reason for such a case. It seems that the blank card is passed into the progress belt. If it is detected that the control contactor of the hollow blow molding machine is in the electric condition, please check whether the electric eye of the bottle and the reflector plate are not in the same line.

160L die head for blow molding machine

If the above two conditions did not happen, we can see whether it is because the manipulator has no dislocation problem.

This is all the content of this article about the card material in the production process of the blow molding machine. I hope this article will help you.

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