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How to do when extrusion blow molding machine motor seep water?

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How to do plastic extrusion blow molding machine seep water? There will always be some faults during the operation of the equipment, which need to be dealt with in time. For example, water seepage from the motor may occur during the production of the blow molding machine. In order to avoid motor damage, let the small series take you to understand how to deal with this situation.

extrusion blow molding machine for insulated box

After the motor is found to be permeated, the silt and residue outside should be cleaned at the moment, but it is not necessary to roll over the motor shaft. Then tidy up and remove the inner wall of the cover shell, the motor rotor and the silt and water on the slip ring, carefully inquire whether the winding resistance is not bad contact, the carbon brush is not rusty in the brush frame and the working pressure of the carbon brush is not all normal, together with the carbon brush and the slip ring appearance is not close, if you find the need to clean immediately. However, it may not be used to heat the electric flow, to prevent short circuit fault may roast the cable protection.

hydraulic system

Remove water and residue after removal and cleaning to prevent motor damage. Here, you can use fluorescent lamp to evaporate water or wait for natural air drying.

After the moisture in the motor is dried, install the parts in detail and try to see if they can operate normally. If there is any problem, please stop immediately and replace and repair.

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