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How to clean die head of blow molding machine?

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We all know that the hollow blow molding machine needs regular maintenance and cleaning, especially the screw and head of the blow molding machine. Today, plastic machinery manufacturers will share with you 3 ways to clean the head of the extrusion blow molding machine. Before we understand the cleaning method, let's first understand the reasons for cleaning the head of the blow molding machine.

Why do you need to clean the head of the blow molding machine?

220L die head

Keeping the billet head clean is an important prerequisite for high-performance extrusion blow molding products.

Some polymers degrade during processing, especially when processing temperatures are high or when batch blow molding occurs, and the melt remains in the storage cavity for a period of time.

In addition, there are many additives in blow molding polymers, which will form by-products during the melting process. These degradation products or by-products will accumulate at the head of the flow channel, causing streaks on the surface of the billet and affecting the appearance of the product.

The flow channel of the machine head is streamlined or chrome-plated, which reduces the appearance of blank stripes.

When the steel billet is in contact with the mold cavity, the temperature is high. During the production process, the aggregate in the die mouth of the machine head is removed with a copper plate. If it is not cleaned, it must be stopped and cleaned.

3 ways to clean the blow molding machine head

1. Manual cleaning

Before disassembling the handpiece, heat it above the melting point of the plastic with an electric heater. Do not heat with an acetylene flame, as this will cause overheating and warping of the nose section, affecting the size and shape of the die and mandrel.

Then stop heating, remove the heater, and disassemble the machine head. Remove most of the melt with a copper blade or copper beryllium scraper, then use brass wool for a final clean. High-speed airflow can also be used to remove the melt on the machine head, but this time we still use brass cotton to wipe off the oxidized melt, sometimes we use a grinding wheel or heat to remove the melt, and the melt on the thread can be removed with anti-sticking agent , When cleaning the head by hand, avoid scratching the runner, especially the mold area.

This method has a large workload and will cause physical damage to the metal on the runner wall, and is often metallurgical, so the following cleaning methods can be avoided.

2. Solvent cleaning

That is, cleaning with the aid of acidic or alkaline chemicals, organic or inorganic solvents. Generally, it will corrode metals, and the cleaning efficiency of organic solvents is high. The solvent cleaning method is equipped with recovery equipment and does not pollute the environment.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning

This method has a good cleaning effect, but the cost of equipment and chemicals is high, and there are corrosion problems. Good for post cleaning to remove inorganic residues.

There are three cleaning methods for the blow molding machine head. In addition, there are salt bath, oven or fluidized bed cleaning methods.

The above are the three methods of cleaning the head of the blow molding machine. If you have any questions about the blow molding machine, you can call the phone number above the website for consultation at any time.

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