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Deformation analysis and solution of blow-molding products

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Deformation analysis and solution of blow-molding products

With the rapid development of hollow blow molding products production and processing industry, people's appearance and the use of performance requirements of blow molding products are also becoming higher and higher, deformation is one of the common problems of hollow blow molding products. In view of this problem, DEMAN Machinery will share with you the plastic blowing plastic products deformation analysis and solutions. First of all, what is blown molding products deformation?

IBC blow molding machine

Deformation of a blow-molding product refers to the fact that its external shape deviates from the shape of the mold-type cavity, or convex or concave, or longitudinal or transverse, or the local shape is offset. It is one of the common defects of blow plastic products, is also a comprehensive, more difficult to deal with the problem. Deformation degree and the excellent degree of use performance are the important indicators to evaluate the quality of blowing plastic products. The greater the deformation degree of blown plastic products, the appearance satisfaction and use performance will decline in positive proportion, leading to the scrapping of the products in serious cases. The deformation of blow molding products is not only unfavorable to the quality of products, but also to the production and production cost of blow molding products. Therefore, it is crucial to solve the deformation defects of blow molding products.

Molding process

(1) the cylinder temperature, nose temperature and mold temperature of the extruder should not be too high, high temperature will cause slow cooling, easy deformation;

(2) insufficient cooling time, resulting in uneven cooling deformation of molding products;

(3) adjust the servo wall thickness curve according to the shape of the product, make the wall thickness as uniform as possible;

(4) use chiller to mold water supply circulation cooling, improve the cooling effect;

(5) improper adjustment of mold opening stroke parameters will lead to deformation of products.

There are many factors affecting the deformation of blowing molding products, which is far from enough to solve from the adjustment of blowing molding production process parameters alone. We need to take different methods according to the different deformation situations. Must be considered comprehensively, and have a reasonable solution. About blowing molding products deformation analysis and solutions to share here, I hope you can apply to the actual blowing molding production process, to produce high-quality plastic blowing molding products.

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