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Blow molding product quality requirements

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Blow molding product quality requirements

The quality requirements of blow molding products are also very strict. Today DEMAN machinery will introduce you through the following points. I hope you can understand the quality requirements of blow molding products more clearly.

IBC tank blow molding machine

1. Appearance quality requirements

(1) The product has a smooth surface, no burrs, no poor plasticization, no obvious scratches, streaks, watermarks, and the mouth of the barrel is smooth

(2) There is no shortage of material or any damage in the mouth of the finished product and the body of the barrel.

(3) The mouth of the barrel of the product is flat and free of deformation, and there is no blockage in the mouth of the barrel. The wall thickness of the mouth of the barrel should be uniform by visual inspection, and the product with a barrel handle

(4) There is no blockage at the handle of the barrel, no obvious deformation of the barrel body, and no obvious shaking when the barrel stands on a flat ground.

(5) There is no oil or other impurities inside and outside the product. Products with a volume of not less than 4L, with black spots on the surface of the barrel

The maximum quality is between 0.5~1.5mm, and there must be ≤5 pieces: for products with a volume of less than 4L, the maximum length of black dot impurities between 0.5~1.5mm shall not exceed 3 pieces. The surroundings of black dot impurities should be opaque, otherwise, no matter the size, quantity or position of black dots, they should be removed. If there is metal powder agglomerated into agglomerates, the control method is the same as that of impurity black spots. There should be no impurities in the barrel.

(6) The color of the product is uniform without obvious color difference, and the sealed sample shall prevail. The sealed sample barrel is only used as the basis for judging the quality of the appearance, and the size, etc. shall be subject to the clear provisions in this standard.

(7) The liquid level line is colorless and translucent, clear, with clear boundaries, and no impurities are allowed in it. The liquid level line should be upright, straight, and uniform in width. Distributed between ticks and numbers without touching either. 3.5L~6L products

(8) The liquid level line width is 6~8mm; the product liquid level line width of 1.5L~3L is 4~6mm; the product liquid of ≤1L

Bit line width is 2.5~ 4m

Medical waste box blow molding machine (1)

2. Operational requirements

Before bagging, check the appearance quality of the barrel first. Use a knife to smooth out the burrs on the barrel body. There are a small amount of burrs on the mouth of the barrel. The burrs feel soft and the height is less than 1mm; when the total length is less than 1/4 of the circumference of the barrel mouth, use The back of the knife smoothes the burrs and must not be sharpened with the blade. Necessary measures should be taken immediately when there is a burr that does not meet one of the above conditions. When sharp and hard burrs are formed at the parting line on both sides of the barrel mouth, they should not protrude above the plane of the barrel mouth, and the length should not be longer than the thread, otherwise necessary measures must be taken. It should be noted that when repairing, the mouth of the barrel should be kept downward to ensure that the scraped waste cannot fall into the barrel.

hdpe drum blow molding machine (6)

3. Packaging and labeling requirements

When bagging, use a complete packaging bag, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the packaging bag, and do not trap other materials; it is required to cool the barrel to an approximate ambient temperature before putting it into the packaging bag, and the barrels should not be squeezed vigorously.

4. Sampling inspection requirements

Sampling plan: one batch per shift (twelve hours). Judgment method: According to the test results of the samples, if one item is unqualified, the whole batch will be unqualified. Qualified batches will be inspected and accepted, and unqualified batches can be returned. For unqualified batches, when the unqualified products are eliminated, the sampling inspection will be doubled, and the products will be returned if there are still unqualified items. If one item of appearance is unqualified, the whole batch is unqualified.

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