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Advantage of extrusion blow molding machine

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Hollow extrusion blow molding machine advantage, do you really understand? Maybe you know that hollow blow molding machine has high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, but do you know how it achieves these advantages? This article will tell you.

1. Simple structure, easy to operate

With the improvement of hollow blow molding technology, the design and production of the machine are also better.

On the basis of ensuring quality and performance, the structure of the machine is more simple, intelligent, and the operation is more convenient.

Deman hollow blow molding machines use Siemens control systems to ensure accuracy and stability during operation.

 60L machine

2. The production efficiency of hollow blow molding machine is high

Hollow blow molding products are generally selected (HDPE) high molecular weight high density polyethylene resin, extrusion molding.

The molding process is fast and sufficient.

3. Save raw materials

Hollow blow molding process has low requirements on raw materials, and the waste material cut from the already formed blow molding products can be put into production again through the special treatment of hollow blow molding machine. Raw materials can be recycled to save raw materials and reduce material costs.

In a sense, reducing energy consumption also saves production costs, right?

5. Wide range of use

Hollow blow molding machine can be used for the production of plastic products in various industries.

For example, plastic containers for daily life, barricades to maintain traffic safety, large storage tanks for industrial production, portable toilets for public environmental facilities, customized water tanks for the chemical industry, and many other aspects.

Here is a list of common blow plastic products, you will find that blow plastic products really everywhere.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

Electromagnetic induction heater is generally used in hollow blow molding machine, and its advantages are as follows:

There is an extra layer of insulation layer, increase the utilization rate of heat energy;

Can directly heat the material tube, reduce the heat loss in the process of heat transfer;

The heating speed is more than a quarter faster than the ordinary heater, reducing the heating time;

The heating speed is fast, the production efficiency is improved, and the power loss caused by high power and low demand is reduced.

In the design and production of hollow blow molding machine, electromagnetic induction heater is used for die head and extruder. Compared with traditional blow molding machine, it can save 40%-50% energy. The clamping device of the machine adopts servo motor, which can save 40% energy. The reduction in energy consumption also saves some production costs.

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