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Advantage of blow molding pallet

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Advantage of blow molding pallet

Blow molding equipment used in the molding process of blow molding tray generally requires a relatively large hollow molding machine. During production, the plastic is extruded into tubular plastic billet, which is placed in the open mold while hot. After the mold is closed, compressed air is passed into the plastic billet immediately, so that the plastic billet is blown and close to the inner wall of the mold. After cooling, the mold is shaped and demoulded, that is, blow molding trays of various specifications are obtained.

Then comes the important stuff. What are the advantages of blow molding pallets? We will analyze from the production process, product quality, product performance and energy consumption.


I The production process of the product

Fast forming speed:

Blow molding tray product selection of high molecular weight high density polyethylene resin, through the extrusion of a blow molding. The molding process is fast and sufficient; Product forming full, internal quality and stable performance. Deman blow molding machine per hour average production of large capacity multi-layer bucket 18-20.

II Product quality

Strong and solid

According to different local climate conditions, there are a variety of plastics can be used for high strength blow molding tray, the same bearing capacity, it is stronger and more durable than other materials of the tray.

The wall thickness of the product is uniform

Super large hollow blow molding machine and special blow molding device, ensure the pallet pressure wall thickness distribution uniform, ensure the product performance is more stable and reliable. The MOOG wall thickness controller and multi-layer die head design are adopted to ensure that the wall thickness of blow molding products is more uniform and stable.

blow molding machine manufacturer

Product performance

1. Good impact resistance:

Blow molding pallet in loading and unloading or transportation, it is inevitable that there will be collision, collision, which will lead to the damage of the pallet. The processing technology of blow molding tray makes it have good impact resistance. Decided that it didn't matter if you manhandled them, rolled them or threw them. They have almost twice the impact strength of injection molded pallets.

2. Good low temperature resistance:

It can operate normally at minus 40 degrees Celsius without affecting performance.

3. Long life:

Blow molding tray generally does not need to be repaired, the internal pillar can withstand falling at high altitude, and the service life is very long, some can even be used for ten years.

Energy consumption

1. Save raw materials:

The blow molding tray has low requirements on raw materials, and the waste material cut from the already formed blow molding product can be put into production again after certain treatment. Raw materials can be recycled to save raw materials and reduce costs. The injection molding tray has high requirements on raw materials, usually requires the use of new raw materials, and the quality of the products produced by other materials is completely different. This will make raw materials can not be fully used, thus wasting resources and increasing costs. The MOOG wall thickness controller is adopted to make the wall thickness of blow molding products more uniform and stable.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection:

The production process of blow - molded products is more environmentally friendly than injection molding. In addition, in terms of energy consumption, blow molding machines are more energy efficient than injection molding machines. In the design and production of blow molding machine, Deman plastic machinery adopts induction heater for die head and extruder, which can save 40%-50% energy compared with traditional blow molding machine. The clamping device of the machine adopts servo motor, which can save 40% energy. The reduction in energy consumption also saves some production costs.

In a sense, reducing energy consumption also saves production costs, right?

3. Recycling:

The waste blow molding tray can be recycled, is in line with the national environmental protection products.

The above is the advantage of blow molding tray, we mainly through four aspects to analyze. Deman Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, production and research and development of blow molding machines and large hollow blow molding machines. If you have the need of blow molding machines, please feel free to contact our website at the top of the phone for consultation.

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