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2023 ibc barrel special hdpe development prospects

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 IBC drums have the characteristics of high rigidity, excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking, high space utilization, good sanitation, and good transportation safety, etc. They are widely used in the packaging, storage and transportation and turnover of various hazardous liquid chemicals.

  High density polyethylene resin for IBC drums is generated by copolymerization of chromium catalyst ethylene, which belongs to high carbon a-olefin copolymerization high density polyethylene products, whose tensile strength and nominal strain at break are relatively strong, and tensile elastic modulus and cantilever beam impact strength are also relatively large, which leads to relatively large production difficulty of high density polyethylene for IBC drums.

  At this stage, China's demand for IBC barrel HDPE resin is relatively large, but the main grades are mainly imported products, and the domestic IBC barrel HDPE resin product grades are relatively small.

  The domestic ibc barrel special hdpe is mainly imported from Basell Company of Germany, Daelim Company of Korea and Nordic Chemical Company. Among them, Germany Basell Company, which uses Lupotech G fluidized bed vapor phase method to produce 4261AG UV60005; Korea Daelim Company uses the U.S. Chevron Phillips slurry method to produce HDPE4570UV; Nordic Chemical Company uses Borstar bimodal process to produce BL1487.

  Ltd. uses the same process with Germany Basell company to produce 4261AG UV60005, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Maoming Branch uses Chevron Phillips process to produce TR580M successfully entered the market, but the market share is small.

  At this stage, the price of imported materials is relatively high, and it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of high-density polyethylene resin materials for domestic IBC barrels.

  ibc barrel special hdpe development forecasts, is based on the ibc barrel special hdpe market research obtained on the basis of a variety of information and data, the use of scientific forecasting techniques and methods, the impact of ibc barrel special hdpe market supply and demand changes in the factors to investigate and research, analysis and forecasting ibc barrel special hdpe development trend, master ibc barrel special hdpe market supply and demand changes To provide a reliable basis for business decisions.

  In order to improve the scientific level of management and reduce the blindness of decision-making, it is necessary to grasp the economic development or future changes in the ibc barrel special hdpe market dynamics through ibc barrel special hdpe development prospect forecast to reduce the uncertainty of the future, reduce the risks that may be encountered in decision-making, so that the decision-making objectives can be successfully achieved.

  ibc barrel special hdpe development prospect forecast roughly contains the following steps.

  1、Define the objective

  Clear purpose, is the first step to carry out ibc barrel special hdpe development prospects forecasting work, because the purpose of the forecast is different, the forecast content and items, the information needed and the methods used will be different. Clear forecast objectives, is based on ibc barrel special hdpe enterprise business activities exist, the project of the forecast, the development of the forecast work plan, the preparation of the budget, the deployment of forces, the organization of implementation, in order to ensure ibc barrel special hdpe development prospects forecast work in a planned and rhythmic manner.

  2、Collection of information

  To carry out ibc barrel special hdpe development prospect forecast must possess sufficient information. With sufficient information, in order to ibc barrel special hdpe development prospects forecast to provide a reliable basis for analysis, judgment. Under the guidance of ibc barrel special hdpe development prospect forecast plan, investigation and collection of forecast information is an important part of the ibc barrel special hdpe development prospect forecast, is also the basic work of the forecast.

  3、Select the method

  According to the goal of forecasting and the conditions of application of various forecasting methods, choose a suitable forecasting method. Sometimes you can use a variety of forecasting methods to predict the same target. Forecasting method of choice is appropriate, will directly affect the accuracy and reliability of the forecast. The core of the forecasting method using ibc barrel special hdpe development prospects is to establish a model that describes and summarizes the characteristics of the object of study and the law of change, according to the model for calculation or processing, you can get the forecast results.

  4、Analysis and correction

  Analysis and judgment is a comprehensive analysis of the information collected from the survey, and through judgment and reasoning, so that perceptual understanding rises to rational understanding, from the phenomenon of things to the essence of things, so as to anticipate the future development of ibc barrel special hdpe market trends. On the basis of the analysis and judgment, usually also according to the latest information on the original forecast results to assess and amend.

  5、Prepare the report

  ibc barrel special hdpe forecast report should outline the main activities of the forecast research process, including the forecast objectives, forecast objects and related factors of the analysis of the conclusions, the main information and data, the choice of forecasting methods and the establishment of models, as well as the assessment of the forecast conclusions, analysis and correction, etc.

  Related research results.

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  China IBC ton drums industry analysis and forecasting trends report (2022-2028)

  2023 China HDPE market deep research and development trend analysis report

  To do a good job of forecasting the development prospects of hdpe for ibc drums, it is necessary to grasp the four basic elements of forecasting.

  1, information. Information is the representation and reflection of the characteristics and changes of objective things, exists in all kinds of carriers, is the main object of work, the basis of work and results of ibc barrel special hdpe forecast reflect.

  2、Method. Method refers to the process of forecasting in the quality and quantity of the analysis of the various means used. Forecasting methods according to different criteria can be divided into different categories. According to ibc barrel special hdpe forecast results attributes can be divided into qualitative forecasting and quantitative forecasting, according to the length of the forecast, can be divided into long-term forecasts, medium-term forecasts and short-term forecasts. According to the method itself, more can be divided into numerous categories, the most basic is the model forecast and non-model forecast.

  3、Analysis. Analysis is the research activity of thinking based on the relevant theory. After drawing a forecast conclusion according to the forecast method, two aspects of analysis must be carried out: first, in theory, to analyze whether the forecast results are in line with the conditions of economic theory and statistical analysis; second, in practice, to analyze the accuracy of the forecast error and evaluate the reliability of the forecast results.

  4. Judgment. Forecasting should follow certain procedures and steps in order to make the work orderly, integrated planning and collaboration.

  There are many methods for forecasting the development prospects of ibc barrel special hdpe, mainly the following.

  1、Time series

  In the ibc barrel special hdpe development prospects forecast, often encounter a series of economic indicators according to the value of time change, such as ibc barrel special hdpe enterprise products by year (quarterly) sales, supply, etc., these data arranged in succession by time is called a set of time series. According to the time series to forecast the method is called time series forecasting.


  (1) the meaning of "regression". Regression is used to analyze and study the dependence between a variable (dependent variable) and one or several other variables (independent variables), the purpose of which is to estimate or predict the overall mean value of the dependent variable based on a set of known data values of the independent variable. In economic forecasting, one takes the predicted object (economic indicator) as the dependent variable and those influencing factors that are closely related to the predicted object as the independent variables. Based on the historical and statistical information of the two, a regression model is built and used for forecasting after statistical tests. There are one-dimensional regression forecasting with one independent variable and multiple regression forecasting with multiple independent variables, and only the one-dimensional linear regression forecasting method is discussed here.

  (2) Basic conditions of regression analysis. When applying a set of known independent variable data to estimate and predict the value of a dependent variable, the two variables need to meet the following two conditions.

  First, the statistical correlation. Statistical correlation is an uncertain functional relationship, that is, a functional relationship in which the value of the dependent variable (predictor variable) is clearly related to the value of one or more independent variables but cannot be precisely and uniquely determined, in which the variables are random variables. Such correlations are abundant in economic phenomena.

  Second, causality. If one or more independent variables x changes, according to certain laws affect another variable y, and the change in y can not affect x, that is, the change in x is the cause of the change in y, and not the other way around, it is said that there is a causal relationship between x and y. The model reflecting the causal relationship is called regression model.

  3、Qualitative and qualitative

  Another classification method of classifying development prospects forecasts can generally be divided into two categories: qualitative forecasts and quantitative forecasts. For business marketing managers, the main business forecasting methods that should be understood and mastered are.

  (1) Qualitative forecasting method

  Qualitative forecasting method is also known as intuitive judgment method, is ibc barrel special hdpe development prospect forecast often used in the method. Qualitative forecasting mainly relies on the forecaster's information, experience and comprehensive judgment ability to predict the future state and development trend of the market. This type of forecasting method is simple and easy to use, especially for those problems where it is difficult to obtain comprehensive information for statistical analysis. Therefore, qualitative forecasting methods are widely used in the forecasting of the development prospects of hdpe for ibc drums. Qualitative forecasting methods include: expert meeting method, Delphi method, sales staff opinion pooling method, customer demand intention survey method.

  (2) Quantitative forecasting method

  Quantitative forecasting is the use of more complete historical information, the use of mathematical models and measurement methods, to predict the future market demand for ibc barrel special hdpe. Quantitative forecasting is basically divided into two categories, one is the time series model, and the other is the causality model.

  With the increasing competition in the ibc barrel special hdpe industry, large inter-company mergers and acquisitions, integration and capital operations are becoming more frequent, and excellent domestic and foreign ibc barrel special hdpe companies are paying more and more attention to the analysis and research of the ibc barrel special hdpe market, especially the in-depth study of the current ibc barrel special hdpe market environment and customer demand trends, in order to occupy the market in advance and gain a first-mover The first advantage. Because of this, a large number of excellent ibc bucket special hdpe brands have risen rapidly and gradually become the leaders in the industry. Industrial research network using a variety of information processing technology, the ibc barrel special hdpe industry market massive data collection, collation, processing, analysis, to provide customers with a package of information solutions and consulting services to minimize ibc barrel special hdpe customer investment risks and operating costs, to seize investment opportunities and improve enterprise competitiveness

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