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About Deman

  • 1.How many years experience of Deman in manufacturing blow molding machines ?

    Deman is the largest integrated blow molding machine R&D, production, sales and after-sales service in China.
    With 21 years of experience in production R&D of blow molding equipment, it has a leading position in the blow molding machine industry.
  • 2.How many types of blow molding machines can Deman offer?

    Deman has a wide range of products and the main products are 200L to 1000L water tank blow molding machines.
    Followed by road rarriers, plastic pallets, double ring drums, IBC tanks, kayaks, solar liners, rain buckets, mobile toilets, trash and other blow molding equipments.
    Deman has never stopped the pace of research and development and innovation. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to put forward our company’s excellent suggestions and new projects for the development of cooperation in order to optimize our design and enrich our product range.
  • 3.Can I visit the factory?

    Of course you can.
    We wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers with investment intentions to visit our company and provide valuable advice and ideas.
  • 4.What position does Deman occupy in blow molding machine industry?

    Deman is the largest integrated blow molding machine R&D, production, sales and after-sales service in China. It is a leader in the blow molding machine industry.
    The price monopoly of foreign companies caused by the lack of bottleneck technology for high-end, large-scale and multi-layer blow molding machines has been broken, and domestic gaps have been filled.
  • 5.How many professional R&D personnel does Deman have?

    The company has its own professional R&D base, owns 33 top research and development professionals, and has 100% independent R&D and innovation of its core technology.
    The number of professional and technical personnel far exceeds the domestic average in terms of quantity and quality, and individual and team capabilities are outstanding.
    With 28 national patents, it has unparalleled advantages in technology development and product replacement.
  • 6.What new technologies have been developed by Deman recently?

    Recently, Deman has successfully developed foaming technology and applied it in the production of water tank blow molding machine.

About Machine

  • 1.What is the difference between blow molding machine and other moldings?

    The current market for large containers adopts rolling process. High energy consumption and high pollution.Moreover, the quality is poor and the product cost is high.
    Compared to rotational molding products, blow molding products have the following advantages:
    1. Blow molding products have high strength;
    2. Product weight can be reduced by 30%;
    3. Manpower can be reduced by 50%;
    4. The unit energy consumption is reduced by 68%;
    5. The output increased by 70 times;
    6. Safety, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 2.What are the technical advantages of Deman's blow molding machine?

    1.Simple Structure, convenient operation, intelligentization and safe application.
    2.Full set of Simense control system to ensure the international service.
    3.Using America Moog wall thickness controller to ensure the wall thickness more uniform.
    4.The most advanced multi-layers die head from 1-6 layers to make sure the wall thickness more uniform and stable.
    5. Using booster cylinder for main mold clamping, maximum clamping force 6500kn.
    6. Using more efficient and energy saving IKV screw makes the plasticizing capacity is about 1.5times faster than the normal screw.
    7. Using servo system for main clamping unit to make the energy saving more than 40%.
    8. Using energy saving heaters to save energy more than 30%.
    9. Deman has 28 patents, ISO 9000, CE, SGS, and many excellence certifications and so on.
  • 3.How is the temperature control effect of the machine?

    Innovative die head design, using advanced electromagnetic induction heating system.Safe and reliable, reduce heating time, control temperature accurately, save energy efficiently, improve efficiency, and save energy by 30%-50%.
    The control accuracy is within 30 degrees and it is absolutely safe.
  • 4.How long can the mold be used?

    As long as the user strictly follows the user manual and standard operation, 15 to 20 years can be guaranteed.
  • 5.What are the advantages of Deman's equipment in waste recycling?

    Adopt new integrated multi-layer die head design, from one layer to six layers, to ensure more uniform and stable wall thickness.
    Support the production of pallets, road barriers and other products in accordance with the blow molding process.
    The utilization rate of recycled material of blow molding machine increased 4 times.
  • 6.What are the auxiliary equipment of blow molding machine?Can Deman provide it?

    The blow molding machine consists of pneumatic system,hydraulic system,cooling water system,circuit system and auto loader system.These include cooling chiller,cooling tower,air compressor,grinder,shredder,air tank,mixer and so on.
    Deman Plastic Machinery can provide you with these auxiliary equipment.
    In order to ensure economical and efficient operation of the blow molding machine, Yankang engineers will choose the most economical and reliable auxiliary machine type.
  • 7.How many layers can the product of Deman blow molding machine do at most?

    Shanghai GeeKing International Trade Co., LTD is the biggest leading manufacturer of blow molding machines in China.
    It is specialized in manufacturing, designing in super size blow molding machines and blow moulds with capacity from 200L upto 1000L for 1-6 layers productions(up to 10 layers)
  • 8.What should be paid attention to when labeling the mold?

    In the mold label process is the combination of the labeling operation and blow molding or injection molding process, but the plastic products after the paste label process. In the process of die-marking, the pre-printed and die-cut labels are stacked in sheet form and placed in the label box; With the opening of the mold, the label is pulled up one by one by the mechanical hand and positioned in the open mold. The printing surface of the label is inward, the surface coated with solid adhesive is outward, and the label is firmly attached to the mold wall by vacuum negative pressure or electrostatic adsorption.
    When the mold closes, the melted plastic resin enters the mold and forms. At this time, the temperature in the mold is relatively high, and the label of the prototype container, the solid adhesive starts to melt and integrate with the plastic container. When the mold is opened again, the plastic container is formed, and the label and the container become one part of the molding container. 
    The biggest difference between the inner label and the traditional label is the different way of labeling. The inner label is not pasted after the plastic container is fully formed, but is formed once with the container. Due to the different labeling methods, there are certain requirements on the characteristics of labels used in the in-mold labeling process:
    1. The label should have a certain degree of stiffness to ensure that the label is not bent or deformed during the transmission process; 
    2. The surface of the label should be smooth, non-adhesion between the labels, there should be no static electricity, to ensure that only one label is absorbed by the manipulator at a time; 
    3. Label edge should be neat, the label can not be damaged on both sides; 
    4. The printing label USES ink and gloss to withstand high pressure and high temperature.

About Service

  • 1.Can Deman provide customized services(special design)?

    Yes,we can.
    The company has its own professional research and development base.The core technology 100% independent R&d innovation.
    According to the needs of customers and the situation of the site, we can use the private customized model to create suitable products for customers.
    Customized products: various blow molding machines including water tank, IBC, road barrier, pallet etc. and blow molds with different capacities.
    What special requirements you have for the machine can be communicated with our technicians, and the technicians will design according to the customer’s requirements.
  • 2.Does the machine provide training services?

    Yes.We provide training services.
    The buyer could dispatch their operators to the Deman's factory for training, including machine operation, maintenance & simple repairs;
    Or against the requests of the buyer, the Deman's technician could train the buyer’s operators in the buyer’s factory in the periods of installing & adjusting.
    Deman Machinery has always won praise from customers for its excellent and timely after-sales service, and it has become a benchmark for its peers.
  • 3.Is it responsible for installation and adjustment?

    The seller could dispatch an engineer against the requests of the buyer to install and adjust the machines for one week(free of charge) in the buyer’s factory. After one week,if the buyer still needs the training,$100 should be paid for the engineer.
    The buyer should make a reservation in advance before delivery of the machines.
    The buyer should pay for the engineer’s food & board while installation in buyer’s factory.And the buyer should also pay for the air ticket for the engineer.
  • 4.What kind of assurance can Deman provide?

    The guarantee time is one year after the machines normally works in the buyer’s factory, if only the problem is cause due to quality control or any reason by the seller.
    We will supply replaced parts free of charge and our engineers will guide you how to solve the problems.
  • 5.How long does it take from my scheduled product to delivery?

    Different products have different delivery dates, usually within 3 to 4 months.

About Installation and Maintenance

  • 1.What preparation does the blow molding machine need before starting up?

    1. Clean and lubricate the moving parts, such as guide rail, Chains, and rack rod;
    2. Check every fastener whether it is loose;
    3.Check whether there’s someone in a risky area before starting up the main hydraulic pump:
    1) Check the heating temperature. Total heating time is12-16 hours for the die head and 4-6 hours for the extruder;
    Notice: Heating time is different in the different model machines. Please ask the training engineer for details of heating time.
    2) Check whether the autoloader in working condition. Clean the filters each shift;
    3) Check the air compressor pressure. 0.8mpa 1 Mpa. Drain out the water of air storage tank and water separator;
    4) Check the water pressure of mold and extruders. Make sure cooling circulation is ok;
    5) Check the raw material for blow molding which should match the technical requirements;
    6) Check cooling water and pneumatic system, Make sure water and the air is unblocked and no leakage;
    7) The operator should have professional training so that ensure the machine running normally.
  • 2.What should you pay attention to when the blow molding machine starts up?

    You can start running the machine when machine-heating time is enouch.
    1)Test machine in dry cycle(without product). make sure all movements are correct and no unexpected collision.
    2) Start extruders in low speed. 10HZ-15HZ is suggested. Observe the motor ampere. Extruders automatically stop if ampere goes beyond the limit, extruder will stop. Please recheck each heating zone.
    3)Make sure all heaters working correctly. Increase heating time or improve heating temperature if necessary.
  • 3.What should you pay attention to when the blow molding machine is shut down?

    In the process of production, blow molding machine should stop operation timely when maintenance,mold changing and unexpected circumstances etc.
    When blow molding machine shut down:
    Firstly tum the button of speeding adjusting to zero position, then the speed of motor will be reduced quickly and stop.
    Press the stop button, stop AC drives or inverter output, if the machine shut down for a long time, turn off general power for AC drive and inverter.
    At the end of each processes, push out the melt material in the accumulator by manual operation.
    Switch off the hydraulic pump motor, the total power source, air compressor and the cooling water.
  • 4.How is the cooling water pipe maintained of the water tank blow molding machine?

    The in wall of the cooling water pipeline of the extruder feed section and other part would be easly to form scaling and the external easy to corrosion rust.
    Instead of cooling, too much pipeline blocked the channel, and seriously corrosion will cause the leakage.
    Therefore must adopt descaling and the enterprises are encouraged to softening the cooling water if anti-corrosion cooling measure conditions permit.
  • 5.Why when tank comes out, it is very hot and easily out of shape?

    ①Check the cooling water. Loosen the outlet water pipes of the mold and venting the air inside of the mold.
    ② Increase cooling time.
    ③ Adjust the thickness profile. Reduce the thickness accordingly.
  • 6.Accumulator is full but it seems difficult to push?

    This happens when machine newly heating. Set a bigger gap(WEIGHT)and push out material manually.
    After two shots, the die core will be hot enough and it will be easy for pushing.
  • 7.What should I do if the pump is noisy?

    ①Oil level is low. The air was mixed with oil going to the pump. Add more oil. Make sure the suction pipe was tightened.
    ②Filter was blocked. Clean the filters, including suction filter, high-pressure filter, and low-pressure filter
  • 8.The maintenance for the cooling water pipeline of the blow molding machine

    The in wall of the cooling water pipeline of the extruder feed section and other part would be easily to form scaling and the external easy to corrosion rust.
    Instead of cooling, too much pipeline blocked the channel, and seriously corrosion will cause the leakage.
    Therefore must adopt descaling andanti-corrosion cooling measure, the enterprises are encouraged to softening the cooling water if conditions permit.
  • 9.How to replace the die of blow molding machine quickly?

    1. Die exchange (note: after the temperature of the die head is reached, turn off the heating of the latter two sections and confirm the position and direction of the thermocouple)
    2. The clamping screw of the mouth mould cannot be screwed too tight, and the four positioning screws shall be preliminarily positioned.
    3. Debugging and alignment of the manual die core (F4 rotary die core enters and exits, and check the gap between the die core and the die mouth for correction. After the gap between the die and the die core is aligned evenly, the pressure screw and positioning screw of the die mouth shall be tightened properly)
    4. Adjust the origin, adjust the thickness of the die wall system if necessary.
    5. Manual F4 reset.
    6. Manually shoot material to see the blank (then make accurate adjustment of the die and die core according to the thickness of the blank)
    7. After adjusting the thickness of the blank wall evenly, tighten the clamping screw of the die and the four-position screw.


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