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These are related to the extrusion blow molding process news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in extrusion blow molding process and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand extrusion blow molding process market.
  • Basic production methods and problems of plastic hollow products


    Basic production methods and problems of plastic hollow productsBlow molding is the basic method of producing plastic hollow products, among which extrusion blow molding is a commonly used production method. At present, plastic bottles, cans, boxes and other hollow containers and hollow industrial...... Read More
  • About frequency converter of blow molding machine


    About frequency converter of blow molding machineMany people know that inverter can save electricity, but do not know why inverter can save electricity, and how much at the same time, is the high frequency or low frequency save more? In the following content, we have sorted out some of the customers Read More
  • How to Repair Extrusion Blow Molding Machine?


    It is very common to encounter some production failures in the production process of plastic products. Today, we made a collection to summarize some common failure problems. How should we solve them? Let’s understand together.1. The feeding tray is jammed. The problem of jamming during the feeding p Read More
  • How to control the wall thickness of extrusion blow molding machine?


    Extrusion blow molding machine is one of the important equipment components of plastic hollow products. It can produce a variety of plastic blow molding products. In the production process, some products need to control the wall thickness, so today we will learn about how to control the wall thickne Read More
  • How to do when blow molding machine has noise?


    The operation process of the blow molding machine is to preheat and heat up first, set the temperature value on the temperature control instrument according to the process requirements, start the heating system to heat up, and check whether the current indication value of each section of the heater Read More


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