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Efficient Petrochemical Grating Solutions

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The steel grating welding machines support the welding of various types of steel gratings, such as: Rod-Shaped Steel Gratings, Welded Steel Gratings, Galvanized Steel Gratings, Heavy-Duty Steel Gratings, Walkway Steel Gratings, Platform Steel Gratings, Drainage Steel Grating, Stair Treads, Steel Grating, Grid Plate, Electroformed Floor Grating, Electroformed Galvanized Metal Grating, Electroformed Steel Grating, Stainless Steel Grating.

steel grates

Main technical parameters



Rated Power


Input Power


Welding width


Maximum Welding Capacity

load bar

twisted rod



Load Bar Height


Max. Load Bar Length


Twisted rod length


min. load bar pitch


first twsitd rod interval


welding method

double rods

input voltage




duty cycle


power for hydraulic station


max. pressure


max. flow


air pressure


coolant flow


coolant temperature


coolant pressure


cable size



-Industrial Flooring: Engineered for precision, this advanced system ensures seamless fabrication of high-quality steel gratings

- Walkways and Platforms: Ensure safe and stable walking surfaces in diverse settings.

- Stair Treads: Create durable and slip-resistant stair treads for enhanced safety.

- Catwalks and Mezzanines: Support elevated pathways and additional storage space.

- Drainage Covers: Facilitate efficient water drainage with custom-designed grating.

- Security Fencing: Enhance perimeter security with sturdy and reliable fencing solutions.

- Trench Covers: Safeguard open trenches while allowing ventilation and access.

- Petrochemical Industry: Meet stringent requirements for corrosive and challenging environments.

- Renewable Energy Platforms: Provide stable foundations for platforms in renewable energy installations.

- Construction Sites: Support heavy loads and provide secure footing on construction sites.

These applications showcase the versatility and strength of your steel grating, addressing various needs across different industries. Let's take your projects to new heights!

steel grating

Q1: What is the price of your machine?
Answer: our machines are customized for your requirements. If you want to get the appropriate price, please provide us
thefollowing information.
* The material and thickness of your product
* The minimum and maximum size of your product
* The welding position of your products
* The automation level that you want to achieve
* It would be better if you can provide us the detailed product drawings so our engineer can come out with the suitable technical proposal and price for you.

Q2: What is the warranty period of your machine?
Answer: our standard warranty period is one year after shipment. If you want to extend the warranty period, there will be extra cost.

Q3: What if my machine damaged doing the warranty period?
Answer: firstly, our engineer will help you to diagnose the problem via online guidance. if any parts damaged during the warranty period, we will send the parts to you for replacement free of charge. If you can not fix he problem by replacement of the new parts, we will send engineer to your factory to help fixing the machine.

Q4: What is the delivery time of your machine?
Answer: it depends on the complexity of your machine. Most of our standard machine we got in stock, then we can shape the machine with the seven days after receiving your payment. If you need the Customized machine, normally it would take about 30-90 days to complete the machine.

Q5: Can we send the sample to you for welding test?
Answer: yes. You can send us the samples for welding test and we will send you the pictures and videos after the testing. If you need, we can also send the samples back to your country so you can check the welding quality by yourself before ordering the machine.

Q6: Can you provide us the machine drawings and technical proposal?
Answer: yes. After receiving your detailed requirement and product drawings, our engineer will come out with the suitable
Technical proposal with the basic machine concept drawings to you. Be size after you placing the order we will send you the more detailed design drawings of the machine to you for confirmation. Only after you confirming the drawings then we will start the manufacturing process.

Q7: What’s your payment terms?
Answer: we can accept the following payment terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alibaba trade assurance. (we prefer you to choose the Alibaba trade assurance order. If you are not satisfied with the machine that you order, or we delay the shipping time, then you can apply the complaint on alibaba.com. )

Q8: How can we install the machine?
Answer: for some simple machines we will provide you the english operation manual, the operation video and also we will provide you the online guidance and training to your engineer so you can set up the machine easily. For some complicated machines, we will send engineer to your country to help installation and training. But there will be extra cost for Engineer, including the salary, visa cost, round-trip ticket cost, and accommodation fee will be covered by the buyer.


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